Zepheer 2.0

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Hi all!
We have released Zepheer 2.0, go to the Zepheer’s page and try new version. This version isn’t just a regular update, please, be advised that:

  • The upgrade is free for regular licenses, but the app will ask for the license key. Just use your old license from Zepheer 1.X.
  • The upgrade is paid for Mac App Store users: it’s available for $4.99 for two weeks, will go back to $9.99 in the middle of July.
  • In the Mac App Store there is yet available old Zepheer 1.3, it’s kept in order to allow existing customers to download and install it.
  • If you’ve bought Mac App Store version recently – between March and June 2013 – you can contact us at support e-mail and get a free upgrade as well.

We’re really sorry to make the upgrade paid in the Mac App Store, but we have no choice, actually. We have totally no exposure in the MAS, nowadays new versions are not shown on top of the list (only new apps), so publishing a new app is the only way to “let the world know”. At the same time, we keep free upgrades for the regular users as our thanks for their support – as we get for $ from each purchase from our store, plus we have much more freedom and possibilities in publishing our own versions of the apps. Overall, I hope you’ll understand this situation, thanks.

New in this version:

  • 60+ new effects
  • Lots of new resources.
  • Highly reduced loading time.
  • Optimized preview generation: faster, doesn’t utilize CPU/GPU on idle


Zepheer June 27th 2013

Black Friday

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BlackFriday, everybody loves it, right? Well, at least we do, that’s why we offer a 50% discount for our apps – use “BlackFriday” without the quotes as a coupon to purchase any Candy square app cheaper.

The offer is valid till the end of the month and it’s also valid for our sister-company Neatberry.

Best Regards,

Choco, Sweetie, Waffle, Zepheer November 23rd 2012

The News

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Hi all,

We’ve made a good job last month resulting the two new applications (Waffle and Sweetie) and two updates for the existing apps. All 4 applications run on 10.8, the two new apps also support old good 10.6 (for those who stick with this great OS). All the updates are submitted onto the AppStore and should appear shortly.

We have also added video tutorials for each application, you can find them on the appropriate product pages.

Best Regards,

Choco, Sweetie, Waffle, Zepheer August 5th 2012

Zepheer 1.1


Hello all,
Zepheer 1.1 is available on the website.
New in version 1.1:

  • 50+ new effects.
  • Batch processing.
  • Minor improvements in UI.
Zepheer May 14th 2012

Welcome to Zepheer group on the Flickr

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In this group you can find Zepheer’s samples. Become a member of our group and add your photos processed with Zepheer.

Zepheer April 19th 2012

Meet the Zepheer

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We are happy to present our first application – Zepheer. Photo styling application for MacOS designed to wide range of amateur photographers and enthusiasts. Please visit the product page and try the Zepheer right now. You’ll like it!

Zepheer April 5th 2012