Choco 1.1.1

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Hello everyone,
Those users who faced graphics issues with the Choco 1.1 (the scene not being rendered at all, various graphics artifacts etc.) should update to the half-public version 1.1.1 immediately: download here. Why do I say “half-public”? Well, because it usually takes 2-3 weeks to push the update into the AppStore, so we decided to fix our working schedule at put the Choco 1.2 on top. This weekend or maybe in the beginning of the next working week we will publish the fully functional version 1.2 with the text units, Retina displays support and maybe some other tasty thing.

If you have an AppStore version, you will need a license key to use the intermediate 1.1.1 build. To obtain one, contact us via the support at!

Kind Regards,

Choco August 24th 2012

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