Choco 2.0

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The Release

Hello everyone! The application is here, you can go to the Choco page and grab a copy: . You can read our previous blog post to get details about the app.

In addition to the beta-version changelog, we have added the following:

  • Some UI adjustments, including optional tooltips all over the app to cut the learning curve.
  • New resources and templates.
  • Various bugfixes and a bunch of minor improvements.

The app definitely worth a look, just try and you’ll love it!

The Price

Since version 2.0 the regular price has been raised to $29.99. If you already have a non-AppStore license from “Choco 1.x”, you must simply re-enter the license, there is no upgrade fee. Mac App Store, unfortunately, has no “upgrades” at all, so we have to put a price tier here, application is priced $9.99 there and this price will stand till May 14th. At last, if you’re interested in the app, but prefer regular version instead of the AppStore one, we’d recommend you to use the coupon “ThatCheap” without quotes to get the same $9.99 fee.

Choco April 26th 2013

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