Meet the Choco

Choco is the great choice for every photo enthusiast who wants to make a photo collage. More than a hundred pre-built templates, layout generators, frames, shadows, built-in photo effects in a row with the ability to customize every detail of the collage makes this app valuable addition to any photo app pack.

Templates library

Application contains more than 100 pre-built categorized templates:

Classic – a classic collages with the grid layout: fixed number of rows and columns without items overlaps. Well-known diptych and triptych are the good examples of the classic collage.

Free Style – a kind of free form collages, various shapes, flexible margins, sizes, rotation – no strict rules at all. This group contains a lot of templates that can inspire your creativity.

Shapes – a special group of templates made to illustrate the “shapes” generator result. This collages simulate various shapes defined with image masks, the application contains dozen masks in the built-in library, but you are free to use your own masks as well! Just a double-clikc to layout your photos in a shape of a Cloud, or a Kitty or whatever you want.

Simple user interface Flexibility Customizable built-in effects
Instant results – thanks to the fast processing and really user-friend interface. Every aspect of your collage is customizable. All the built-in templates were made with Choco itself! Choco contains a lot of effects to style, vintage and decorate your photos.
Various borders Facebook and Flickr integration Supported all image formats
In addition to effects you can add and set up a frame. You can share the result with Facebook and Flickr right from the app. The application supports various image formats including RAW.

System Requirements

Choco runs on Mac computers and requires OS X 10.7. Video accelerator card is recommended, however, it’s not required, so you can try the app with almost any Mac on the market on decide whether you’d like to buy it.