Meet the Zepheer

Zepheer is designed to be a best friend of every photography enthusiasts on Mac OS. This small app delivers dozens built-in photo styles and allows to make your photos warm, charming, beautiful, impressing, to give them the soul – even when the photos were taken with a low-end camera and bad conditions.

The application offers real-world styles, abstract filters, borders, vignettes and more – everything right up here, one click away from your Mac.

Preset’s catalog

Application has more than 150 effects divided into the categories::

  • Cameras – analog camera simulators.
  • Artistic – pencils, oil painting imitations.
  • Abstract – various abstract filters.
  • Style – a bunch of original, bright effects.
  • Vintage – special retro-style effects from XIX-XX centuries.

It’s really easy to apply and adjust the preset to achieve the exact look and feel you want.

Built-in resources library contains paper textures, scratches, frames etc. – everything you may need to set up the effects at your taste.

Simple user interface Customizable built-in effects Various borders
Instant results – thanks to the fast processing and really user-friend interface. Zepheer contains a lot of effects to style, vintage and decorate your photos. In addition to effects you can add and set up a frame.
Real-time processing Facebook and Flickr integration Supported all image formats
GPU-accelerated rendering results fast and accurate processing. You can share the result with Facebook and Flickr right from the app. The application supports various image formats including RAW.

System Requirements

Zepheer runs on Mac computers and requires OS X 10.7. Video accelerator card is recommended, however, it’s not required, so you can try the app with almost any Mac on the market on decide whether you’d like to buy it.